The Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative



Our Vision:

  • digital transformation of New Zealand’s primary industries,

  • sustainable and inclusive growth in regional New Zealand and the South Pacific

  • improving protection of the environment.

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In everything that we do, we seek to to harmonize the elements of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection, to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits digital technologies provide and the opportunities they create.


At the Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative (PiRiC), we specialize in increasing the scale of impact from digital research and technology innovation on New Zealand’s Four Capitals for our Primary Industries and Regional Economies.

The Four Capitals of New Zealand’s Living Standards Framework

The Four Capitals of New Zealand’s Living Standards Framework

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We help craft collaborative partnerships that combine the diversity of each partners knowledge, ideas, experience and resources to create new ways of tackling the complex sustainable development challenges we face as a nation and peoples of the South Pacific.

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Four Capitals - Four Pillars

Across the Natural, Human, Social and Financial/Physical Capitals of New Zealand’s Living standards framework, our mission is to:

1)      Digital Technologies: accelerate the transfer and dissemination of key enabling technologies such as cloud services, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics into primary industries using a “collaborative innovation network “approach.

2)      Digital Value Chains: explore innovative new ways of growing, producing, harvesting, processing and delivering primary industry outputs to both domestic and export markets using digital technologies while ensuring food security, traceability, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity for New Zealand.

3)      Digital Workforce & Communities: help ensure that all people and communities in regional New Zealand have the access, confidence, skills and ability to participate in the digital world through digital inclusion initiatives such as targeted education and workplace-based training programmes.

4)      Environmental sustainability: play a nationally significant role in identifying and implementing successful new ways to collaboratively address challenges associated enhancing the Four Capitals of New Zealand’s Living Standards Framework.


Collaborative Innovation

Our Collaboration Innovation Platform (CIP) includes both facilitation and programme management services that; coordinate collective action; share common resources/services; achieve economies of scale; avoid duplication of tasks and create common funding models for each collaborative partnership.



PiRiC is an unincorporated, not-for-profit voluntary association of individuals and organisations brought together via a Charter that establishes the governance of PiRiC and the conduct of its activities is based on principles of openness, fairness, transparency, trust, mutuality, collaboration and accountability of all Members.

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