Jump Start Manawatu 2016



Manawatu Region


September 20, 2015


Palmerston North City Council, Massey University, Manawatu Farmers and Growers, Microsoft NZ and The Future Cities Institute


The Jump Start prototype programme was run as a collaboration between the Palmerston North City Council, Massey University, Microsoft and The Future Cities Institute in 2016, which led to the establishment of an innovation pop-up hub in the heart of Palmerston North City and:

  • Exploration’ Workshops: Agrifood Industry specific workshops that explore the ‘art of the possible’ using a facilitated design led approach that defines specific ideas to create innovations for customers and stakeholders that drive value

  •  90 Days: A framework that validates these innovation ideas through a 90-day prototype process to act as a litmus test and a validate what a ‘minimum viable product/service’ may look like for production.

An example outcome from this original Jump Start was the AgTech Hackathon which ran in 2017 and connected farmers with smart on-farm solutions to enable the farming community to present every day on-farm opportunities and challenges to technology experts, who then creatively solve these problems drawing on their hardware and software programming skills.


What we’ve accomplished:



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