Primary Industries


$30 billion

Regional New Zealand

New Zealand’s regional economies and communities are heavily reliant on these primary industries, as they are largely responsible for extracting and processing the materials that turn primary sector products into international exports for New Zealand which are now worth over $30 billion (2017).

Achieving a larger proportion of knowledge‐intensive and high‐value activities in our primary industries is critical to making New Zealand regions more resilient to the looming threats created by technological change, globalisation, demographic change and climate change. However, many of New Zealand’s regional economies and communities currently lack the necessary skills, resources and/or co‐ordination capabilities required to support the smart use of digital and biological technologies in their regional primary sector ecosystems.




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Inclusion and Workforce Development

There is also a need to enable a collaborative approach to innovation creation and coordination across government, iwi, academia and industry and to drive primary industry transformation and support sustainable social and economic growth in regional New Zealand through digital transformation, inclusion and workforce development.




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